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Orly Pace Lattin - SCAMMER - LIAR - CHEAT - FRAUD

I really didn't want to have to make this post, nor get involved with all of the idiot things you do or claim to have done, but dude, you really need to stop being such a tool, PACE LATTIN!

I'm not really sure what you told to the OfferVault guys to convince them to let you take over their newsletter and blog, but I was hoping you'd just chill out and stop lying so much. However, that was really foolish of me because you clearly have no idea what STOP means.

Let me put it to you plainly...


Your former company never did $100M+ in revenue.. EVER. How do I know this? Because as random as this was, you actually tried to sell your company in 2008 to my uncle for $5,000,000.. and when they did the due-diligence, they saw that you had clearly cooked your own books and that clients and revenue that you claimed and touted, were FALSE!

That is called LYING! CHEATING! FRAUD!

Somehow you were able to land a job in Colorado with Your title was "RAINMAKER". Right... Then you proceeded to waste a bunch of time and money, fire a shitload of people (although to your credit, one or two of them were the correct decision), and SPAM everyone in the industry with a newsletter to your blog/site that well, NO ONE SIGNED UP FOR!

When you were outted for this, you apologized... but then you just did it again.. SPAMMED all of us!

You then made the ferocious mistake of coming onto this forum trying to push people around with your hit and run tactics of saying something completely untrue and then cowering away and claiming you were the victim. I swear, I regret unbanning you from here, but I felt bad because you are this pathetic old guy that is so far removed from reality that its easier to just pluck you out of the shit storm and send you on your way.

Here is a typical scenario that you can expect from Pace Lattin:

- He randomly says something very mean to you / or if you are an attractive woman, he'll harass you in all sorts of mean and disrespectful ways for a bit at first

- Then he'll threaten you with how respected he is and how he will get you fired from your company.
**He'll also threaten you by misspelling things like "PLEASE" or "MEDIA" (he does this when he's upset, but he'll highlight words like GENERAL COUNCIL and CEO and SLANDER).

- Give or take 5-10 minutes at most... and then he will quickly message or email you back to say he's sorry and include some sob story about how he's the victim and how he really likes and respects you and blah blah blah.. anything to make you feel bad for his pathetic existence and not call his bluff.

- After another 3-4 emails of from him on how he's the victim he will likely try and bribe you with "free advertising" on his blog or on a newsletter he writes for another company AND/OR he will also likely offer to rank you as the #1 company for something positive (wait, isn't that bribery Mr. Industry Lord and Savior from Scammers????) .

I'm not going to say that EVERYTHING that Mr Pace Lattin has written about or claimed isn't legit. Because to his credit, some of the stuff he's highlighted has been perfectly fine and good, HOWEVER, the overwhelming majority of the shit he writes about, makes claims about, or even "exposes" are based on shit he just sits there making up on his own or is told by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

For example... When Pace Lattin took the "hot tip" information from someone who claimed that I was selling this very forum for the low low price of $20,000. Instead of asking me first, and saving himself from an extreme amount of self-inflicted negative publicity, he proceeded to post about it on one of his "EXECUTIVES ONLY" secret groups on Yahoo or Google, letting everyone know about this just awesome news, to which he also added some VERY OBVIOUS false information... Now.. had Pace Lattin, the investigative reporter to the industry that he claims to be performed just basic fact checking, he would have quickly realized that the person feeding him this information not only hated me and this forum, but was also a two time convicted violent felon in the state of California, and that this wonderful human being had also been threatening to kill me too. Its one thing Pace Lattin, if you're going to follow a whistle blower on FACTS but its entirely different if you're going to just take anything that is sent to you as FACT and then claim you are the one who dug up the story on your own! -- After figuring out really quickly that he had just "reported" on something that was totally made up, he did his whole "stop drop and roll" routine of playing the victim and apologizing publicly to his group of MASSIVELY INFLUENTIAL EXECUTIVES OF OUR INDUSTRY about how he was wrong, and he was framed, and how he loves this forum, and that it was just a joke, and nervously laughed it off and pretended like we were all just a bunch of pals...

Another prime example of how ridiculous PACE LATTIN is... When he msg'ed me over and over again to please help him on the forum here because my moderators and members were calling him GAY and threatening to rape and hurt his children. Obviously, that's something I take very seriously, regardless of whom it may be... So I go to see this thread he's bitching about, only to realize that NONE of what he was just crying wolf about was actually true. NONE OF IT... someone had made a tag named "GAYce Lattin" -- okay, big deal, its a tag, not a threat or claim, but PACE LATTIN being the BLOGGER that he is doesn't seem to know the difference between a TAG and a POST. -- Plus, there were no threats being made about his kids. If anything, it turned out that PACE LATTIN was the one making threats against people for things that no one but he could even figure out... This led to the outting of PACE LATTIN that we had hoped would send him into the bowels of the internet and finally show him for what he was... But no.. he was hired by OfferVault soon after and stayed quiet for a few weeks, which was manageable. But then he started his same usual bullshit all over again...

See, these are just two of the many real examples of how PACE LATTIN creates trouble for himself and then plays the victim role only to be vindicated later and just rinses and repeats...

I for one have had enough.

So if any of you feel the same way, you can respond here, but do so with your own story or experience of dealing with PACE LATTIN, and shoot over a link to this thread with the anchor text "PACE LATTIN" so that we can keep this thread at the top of the search engines to warn people in the future when dealing with this guy.

PS - PACE LATTIN -- I know you're going to try and tell me to contact you and to contact your lawyer or general counsel, and that's fine, but know that I have a pretty fucking awesome lawyer myself and I know that I am well within my rights here and have made this post in response to your constant harassment of my friends who have believed your bullshit for so long. Everything I have claimed here, I can back up with real proof from real people. Everyone whom I have mentioned here or referenced are very much willing and able to appear in court to verify their statements and experiences about your interaction with them and how you've treated them. So if you're going to threaten to sue me, then just do it, because I really don't want to hear anything else from you that will just waste my time.
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Forget that attorney shit. Just do whatever the next few posters suggest, you can't lose.
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Seriously, how some of you don't fall for your own landing pages is beyond me!
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The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.
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