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Originally Posted by thehobbster View Post
Really, this is the kind of site I intend on making eventually once I'm done with all of my static sites producing my steady bottom line. In a different niche, of course.

The only thing I'd do differently is include my keyword in the domain and try to rank for a beast of a term.

But I'd try to write a solid post every few days, reviewing products, exercise routines, supplements, nootropics, movies on the topic, other websites, etc.

I'd try to funnel as much link juice from every post to the homepage, but I'd try to rank every single post as well. Each one would target a phrase. And I'd load the inner pages into all the software and spam the crap out of them. They'd rank and earn, the homepage would get juiced, and then I'd only put quality links towards the homepage for the most part.

It'd be a long-term project, but it'd be full of win. You are already on your way.
Hey, I really appreciate it! Im already leveraging this strategy, so I will keep you posted and drop you a paypal tip when I start making some coin! (j/p)
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