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i see that he has forwarded his domain to once again. the ddos that is currently running, does not go to the new IP(s) if he changes the dns. we've learned from our last mistake. no harm was intended for the website. now it has the ability to stay within one IP such as, or stay within a range of IPs such as i am curious as to what happened with all the cisco protection that eli was talking about. the ddos can be stopped within minutes with a decent anti-ddos router/firewall. as for Unarmed Gunman's comment, the reason why isn't being targeted is because that's not where he outed other people's methods. we do not care about hurting his business, we just want to make a point that outing other people's work/methods is not respectable. if somebody tells you some information that they want to be private, and you go and make it public... that kind of pisses those people off. anyway, we will stop the ddos in about a week or so (unless he gets some good anti-ddos protection before then). hopefully he has learned his lesson and will not out other people's work/methods in the future if they are meant to be private.
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