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Fuckyeah Get Shareware and Freeware Created And Submitted to 800-1200 Software Directories.

Using the same tactics that shareware providers use.

Get Freeware Created And Submitted to 800 - 1200 Software Directories.

In a nutshell how is this different from other "regular directory submissions"


I take content from your site.

Your content which may include(.pdfs,.xls,.words,mortgage calculators you name it i can convert it.) gets converted to .exes(executable programs) that install on users computers.

Then i take the .exes and generate Pad files. This are .xml files that have all the information about your website and this is what i submit to software directories.

Software directories not only create a page dedicated to your product complete with a 2000 word description about your product - they also give your website a complete one way link back to your site.

Something like this.


Thats for this website.


Now imagine this happening over 800 to 1200 directories.

Dude 1200 links overnight.. i dont want that.

Relax - software directories are a lil bit more complex than that, software dir owners manually approve padfiles and some do it automatically and others may take 2 weeks and others 2 months depending on how popular a software directory is and the no. of submissions it has received..

More unique links = higher ranking = more money for you.

If you need to read the whole bible about the whole process - and i warn you its looong, you can read it here. software submission bible

Whats the success rate of this wonderful service

Im going to start this off with a disclaimer.. some directories may require you to link back to them by offering you a badge or some sort of 3 star image that looks like this with links back to the directories.


About 40% of the directories dont need link backs and totally automated. Another 30 may need link backs. The rest 30% may take 2 to 4 months to approve the links should you choose not to upgrade your submission to being featured.

my advice on all this is this , some of the directories that ask you for a donation to be featured are worth every single penny - they have high prs of upto pr 5 and have shitloads of traffic that they will send back to your site.

Recap Of what is Included In the submission plan

  • Creation of software using the content on your website.- i can do this in any niche - apart from porn. its blasphemy i know.
  • Creation of padfiles and latter submitting them to software directories.
  • Software directories create pages with your software and link back to your site where you profit from higher ranking on your target keywords.

What Will i be needed to do .

Communication is key for this to be 100% successful - going back and forth on email will make this more painful than it should be.

We can schedule time to finish the whole process for your site as i will need you to upload the software to your server for increasing the maximum chance of your site being listed on the directories.

The folder in which i specify for you must be readable i.e people must be able to download the software through your webserver. I will also host your software on my rapidshare account so you wont get slammed with downloads.

Pay of course 80 dollars Then the service begins immediately.

All submissions will include

  • All submissions come with a free email account(trust me you donít want me to use your email).
  • Access to high speed downloads hundreds of php, cgi and asp scripts(total about 400)
  • Access to downloads of html, c++, Java ,Perl, Php tutorials that you can use for reference.
  • Collection of over 400 word press themes you can use for your quick web projects.
  • Over 300 hand picked simple machine forum themes.
  • Over 40 free mysql databases to help you create your own SEO empire.(complete list here)
  • Ppc keyword collection i.e 280 play station games, laptop computer models, top iphone downloads, pc arcade games, car model names from 2000 to 2007, parrot breeds and species, top Xbox games, top mystery authors, top Hollywood actors, actresses.. The list goes on and on. The complete list is about Ė 90 lists of keywords that you can use for your ppc campaigns. (Sample list here)

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