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Douchebag WordPress Comment Automater (finds WP blogs and mass posts)

Hello everyone, I'm new here but I regularly sell scripts and post at Digital Point, under the same username. I'm here to bring you my latest script. WordPress Comment Distribution Interface.

What is it?
Simply put, it finds blog posts based on search options and allows you to mass post to them.

What are the features?
  • Built in PHP with a sleek AJAX interface. Results are powered by Yahoo! BOSS API. (App key required: Yahoo! Search BOSS - YDN)
  • Fast and efficient, with advanced error reporting. The script will let you know why certain comments could not be posted.
  • Skips posts on the same blog/domain. Useful to prevent your server from being recognized as a spam network
  • IP:PORT single proxy support - Keep your server anonymous!
  • Additional features will be added regularly as new versions are released.

What about support?
I provide full after sales support and offer a two week money back guarantee. If the script does not perform up to your standards, or if you find my support to be "lacking", you will get an instant refund.

New versions will also be released with additional features. Free of charge to anyone who has purchased the script already.

Planned features for future versions
  • IP:PORT proxy list support - This will allow multiple posts to the same blog/domain without risking being caught in a spam filter.
  • Text spinner - This will allow you to specify multiple synonyms for words so that your comment posts will always be unique!
  • CAPTCHA support - Comment forms that require CAPTCHA will automatically display the CAPTCHA image through the interface for fast and easy CAPTCHA elimination.

How about a demo?
Currently, I am not disclosing a public demo link due to the nature of the script. If you are interested in a demo, please PM me and I will give you a temporary access login. Here is a preview of the interface:

Pricing and Ordering
The price for this script is US$29.99, I only accept PayPal. Resell Rights are available, though you will have to PM me personally for more info and pricing. If you are interested in ordering please PM me.
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