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Sweet Another WickedFire Milestone

It's with great pleasure that I can safely say we have surpassed EF in their post counts. May not seem like a big thing to the avg webmaster, but keep in mind that the incredible guru genius known as Lee Dodd purchased a dead forum and pretty much jumped from less posts and threads than WF to a shitload more overnight. I think the post count he added on was in the 30k-50k range. Same went for the number of threads and members. It was magic!

Anyhow, sure, I did run some postwhore contests that would be equal to about 15k posts, but those were made by real members here, not some dead usernames that no one would be using ever again. Nice trick Lee, almost fooled everyone.

So today we surpassed his ass in under 3 months time. We literally caught up in under three months!! Fuck yeah!

To honor this lovely occaision I figured I'd show everyone some posts and predictions made by some people about WF.

"I gave up on WickedFire, I reckon this time next year EF will be the leading webmaster forum."
-Dave Turnbull

"At first sight, I don’t see this one competing with the likes of Sitepoint, Digitalpoint, and WMW. Those three are far more than just forums, looks like isn’t."
-Peter T Davis

"I personally have never gone to that forum. But from reading this, I never will either."
-Ryan Raplee

"WickedFire is just a fluke and will never last longer than a year 6 months! I guarantee it! You'll probably see Jon trying to sell it on EF or SitePoint for $100. My instincts are always right."
-Mark Forest

"WF will never be bigger or more popular than EF."
-Roger Sherman

"WickedFire Forum sucks. I haven’t seen a more worseless organized webmaster forum. Its basically the exact opposite of Earners Forum. EF is nice, organized, structured, light-colored, with quality posts and posters, and WF is the exact opposite."
-Andrew Rouhafzai

"I dropped WF too after a week. But an important factor you have to consider when comparing WF to other sites is the image they have they have on purpose. WF's whole intent was to be a place for webmasters to "shoot the sh!t" as Jon put it and say whatever they feel. And that's exaclty what it's become. So you shouldn't actually expect loads of valuable well thought out posts over there. I think the problem Jon faces is that we webmasters are here to make money and would rather spend our time doing business and discussing it in a forum of like minded people. The more you "shoot the sh!t" the less time you spend earning revenue."
-George B

"You are an idiot if you think WF will last for longer than the summer. You will see, by the winter of 2007 WF will have nobody on it and EF will be the biggest forum around."
-Anonymous email

"Those are guys you'll find on DP and WF but I would never have met them had I not found them here. DP is just too big and wickedfire is really too immature to do anything but read and catch kids bragging about their tactics (a great way to build new ideas). So yes DP and WF are GREAT respources and deserve your attention in my opinion. But to say EF hasn't benefited you to me means you're not using it right."
-George B

I've got tons more of them, but will wait until this place wins some type of award or gets to be a hell of a lot bigger and livelier one day down the road. Gotta love how people who think they know what they are talking about make these predictions without doing any real research. WF was never inactive since the first day of the launch in late June 2006. It has always had active members posting whatever they wanted, and giving out tips and all sorts of other information. Never charged anyone for it either.

I've asked people in so many different areas of the industry for feedback and have never had someone say we weren't onto something really great. In fact, I still get random emails and IM's of praise from some of the most random sources saying "I really like WF" or "someone told me about WF and I think you've done a great job".

Just wait until you assholes who have predicted WF's demise see what the resource area looks like, then I'd love to see your new predictions.

Thanks again to all the members here for making all of this possible. There's no way I can take credit for any of this without you guys, and also without my exceptional staff and partner.

WF is almost 6 months old, yeah, that young, and if the first 6 months were as kickass and fun as it's been, lord knows the next 6 months will rock even harder.

I'm looking forward to meeting the nearly 100 members of WF who will be at ASW. See all of you soon!
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Seriously, how some of you don't fall for your own landing pages is beyond me!
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