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Interesting The "Secrets" To Beginner's Success ...

A lot of beginners get caught in the minor technical details, analysis paralysis, and other pit falls that they NEVER get started (or worse, jumping from one project to the next, and never get the momentum going)

Here's are my beginner tips, so you can make a stack of cash and hump the strippers at your local club.

The Most Overlooked Marketing Facts!

Internet Marketing is no different from a brick and mortar business. It all start with ONE converting offer, and visitors. Someone infamous once said (Ryan Eagles?): "get converting offers, get visitors, get paid. Bitch".

Hint: Making a living off IM is simply duplicating your success in different niches - once you got a system in place.

Simply put:

Converting Offer + Potential Customer = Profit

Don't try to over complicate things. Beginners (99 percent of IMers are guilty of this at one point or another) over complicate shit with tools, programs, techinques, push button systems etc ... when all you really need is a GOOD landing page, and traffic.

(Later on you can build authority sites, production and service creations, and all that jazz ...)

The Million Dollar Advice For Beginners

Learn to write persuasively (copywriting).

If you're a complete beginner, I recommend you read "Tested Advertising Methods" by John Caples. It's a classic. If it's the ONLY marketing book I read, that would be it.

Learn the fundamentals like writing a great headline, story telling, pounding the benefits, creating curiosity and handling buyer's objections. The basic, fundamentals - it's not sexy. But it works.

After that, read GREAT sales letter. I recommend reading the sales letter of and

(Don't buy the products - READ the sales letters)

Dissect the sales letter apart and learn how they piece the components to make the sales letter flow.

(For example, opens up with a great headline, show of proof, compelling opening story etc. Look near the end how she handles buyer's objection - pretty clever shit)

Now write your mock-up salescopy and model it after's sales copy.

You know how to get good? Practice. You know how to get even better? Model the best. You can always "develop" your unique writing style later on.

My most used copy writing techniques:

- Write short sentences using simple words. Your vocabulary shouldn't be more complex then the local Sunday newspaper.

- Use action verbs and colorful adjectives. Studies prove that people are more prone to buy when they're "emotionally stirred up". (Make your writings rile people up like a Martin Luther King speech)

- Tell, not sell. Nothing repels people more then a try-hard sales man. Educate like a church Peacher and watch your conversion sky rocket.

- Market to the "Mass". People want easy, push action solutions. That explains why infomercials only sell push button, instant solutions. Tell the people it requires hard work, determination or sweat - and watch your conversion rate would drop faster then you can scream "FUCK!".

- Boil your ideas into the essence. Short sentences make you sound more confident and authoritative. People will BUY whatever you recommend if you're a confident leader. (Think John Chow, LOL)

Habits That Makes You Money

Spend 1 hour EVERYDAY copy writing.

Sure - you may suck at first but practice makes perfect.

I recently read this book called "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olsen. Basically it's a marketing twist to the old proverb "A thousand mile journey starts with the first step ..."

If you spend a measly 1 hour a day, by the end of the year you've put 365 hours into developing your copywriting skills. You'll become relatively good.

How To Put This Into Practice

Write emails and add it to your list. I made a stack of money selling Acai Berries to my diet list. (Using "free" traffic, but that's for another post)

For example, say you merely write 2 emails per day and load it on your autoresponder - you'll have 14 emails by the end of this week. That's a great start to a profitable email campaign.

(Now imagine writing 120 emails PER list. That's what I'm doing - hitting that bitch up with good content and tons of product recommendations. 1 year worth of emails per list - think of the dollar value PER subscriber. If you want to make more money, it's worth the extra mile)

How To Start Making Money Tonight

You can start with PPC if you got the money, otherwise take the low start-up approach: WEB HOST + AUTORESPONDER.

Start building your email list in "ever green" markets, like dating, golf, parenting, making money, marketing etc.

Hint: Specialize in niches, like "Dating Asian Chicks For Guys With Yellow Fever", or "Parenting for Single Moms" or "Make Money Online For People Over 40".

Start writing email follow ups (at LEAST a dozen to start) with good content and affiliate promotions.

Once you got a profitable email campaign running, it's only a matter of feeding your list with subscribers. It's the grand daddy of "hands off" income if you do it right.

If you haven't add email marketing to your arsenal, you're missing out.

It's like bedding a chick through sheer determination. Hit her up with multiple contacts, and she'll remove her panties for you sooner or later ...

Like wise, a subscriber WILL buy you from you if you send them enough emails with good content (and affiliate promotions of course)

As XMCP (WF Mod) said, "Whether or not we like to admit it, email marketing is in many ways the granddaddy of internet marketing(in my opinion)." (How Do Different Internet Marketing Skills Cross Over? : Slightly Shady SEO)

Massage my back, I'll massage yours (no homo)

No, I don't got an ebook, coaching program, or phone consultation to sling. However, I'll give you:

1. A converting opt in template (good for any niche)

2. Email subject line swipe files (get them to open your emails like a champ)

3. Profitable email templates I use for ALL my emails (just fill in the blanks, no need to think hard)

4. I'll look over your email promos and give pointers (important if you're starting out)

So - if you don't have an autoresponder ($20 a month) yet, PM me and sign up through my referral link, and I'll send ya the package.

I'm trying to get my aweber referrals up, damn it. (How else am I suppose to support my 19 years old, stripper fiend that works downtown. Looks alot like the chick in my avatar)
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