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  1. IE8 already hacked
  2. .xxx tld goes for arbitration hearing
  3. Billy Mays and Vince Offer of ShamWow Kicking Butt in Bad Economy
  4. Urging California Affiliate Marketers to Reject Assembly Bill 178 (The Amazon Tax)
  5. FTC-Advertisers brace for online viral marketing curbs
  6. Slate explains affiliate marketing for you
  7. drug companies told to stop using ads.
  8. No Affiliate commisions from amazon if you use Ppc, who in the hell promotes amazon.
  9. Low advertising prices on the horizon?
  10. Targeted tv advertising
  11. Google Search Results Contained A Virus
  12. Viable Marketing sued Intermark Media in Federal Court
  13. Put 100 DVDs on a single disc
  14. So Much For Pepperjams Epn Millions that we were pushing.
  15. Google Opening Up Trademarked Keyword Bidding on June 4th
  16. MS $100m campaign for new Search Engine
  17. Google Wave
  18. Bing
  19. FTC Shuts down ISP
  20. XY7 Beats Balsam!
  21. NY Times Article about Acai Rebill
  22. SEOQuake Team new project beta test
  23. Sign Petition to Fight NC Affiliate Tax
  24. Internet Advertising Tax coming to California
  25. Google fights bad ads
  26. Proposed New FTC Guidelines - This Directly Affects Us
  27. Amazon pulls out of Rhode Island now
  28. Feds, states announce major action against get rich quick schemes
  29. Rosetta Stone rocks Google with trademark lawsuit
  30. State of NY fines company $300K for fake reviews
  31. Amazon to purchase Zappos for over $900 million
  32. Twitter Crackdown
  33. Good Domains Now Scarce? - Inc Magazine
  34. BusinessWeek - Yahoo / Microsoft deal
  35. Microsoft is trying to take Google down again.
  36. Las Vegas PubCon 2009
  37. Political Campaign Site Blacklisted for Blackhat SEO
  38. Ad sales down, News Corp reports loss
  39. REPORT: Billy Mays used cocaine days before his death
  40. Revenue Loop now STRICTLY a Pornography Network
  41. Google "Caffeine" - Official Blog + PCW
  42. New FTC Lawsuit
  43. Vantex Media Group Raided by FTC
  44. eBay changing to pay per click
  45. Apparently, Oprah and Oz are pissed? Nothing new....however
  46. Hydra: Public News, LABJ
  47. Trade show calendar site
  48. Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
  49. Pepperjam Network Sold to GSI eCommerce
  50. Digg Comment links become Nofollow