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ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis
Mustread Video Advertising, Free SEO, Website Video Software, CMS, Forums, Blogs, and more!

Key Features of our Systems
All of our systems share some common features:

- Automatic abuse detection and prevention
- Social Sharing via Social Bookmarking
- Multiple RSS Feeds
- Mobile compatible with most of the latest smartphones
- User Comments
- User Ratings
- User Subscriptions
- One-Click installation
- No Installation, Bug Fixes, Maintenance, or Updates
- Contact Form / Contact Database
- Newsletters
- Analytics and Statistics
- Control of your content
- Website Search Engine
- Fast and Simple to setup
- SEO built in, from start to finish

Main Systems

: ionisis Pay Per Click advertising system is a great way to advertise. It allows text ads AND VIDEO advertisements. I'm sure we don't have to remind you how valuable video ads are. Video ads only cost a little more than plain text ads. It is the ONLY advertising system in the world that actually INCREASES your SEO as you advertise -even if no one clicks on your ad, AND gives you FREE BACKLINKS! That's "free seo"! How is this done? Watch the video overview at:
Online Advertising - Internet Advertising - Pay Per Click Advertising

WMMS: Our WMMS is a fully fledged Website MultiMedia System, and is the ONLY one on the internet at this time (yes, we are aware that others are claiming to have the same thing, but take a closer look at what their product does, and you'll see that it is NOT the same thing -it's not even close). You can see a video overview for this system here:
Best Website Multimedia Software - Best Website Video Software

UAMS: The User Account Management System is a lightweight social networking platform, and is also the Core of any website that uses our website systems (you have to have USERS to create content on your website, even if YOU are the only user). This system still has a long "todo list" of things that we want to build into it, but it already has most of the "essential" online community features, like activity streams, interests, connections, etc. You can watch a video overview for this system here:
Best Social Networking Software - Best Social Networking Platform

UFBB: The User Forum and Bulletin Board system allows your website to have topics and discussions with its members. It's much simpler to administrate that other similar systems, so that you can spend more time interacting with your websites users, instead of trying to get your forum configured on your server (all of our systems are like this). You can see a video overview for this system here:
Best Community Forum Software - Best Bulletin Board Software

WUBS: The Website User Blogging System allows you AND your websites visitors to create blog entries on your website. By allowing other users to have a blog as well, it makes it easier for your website to generate a lot more content, which will catch more search results . You can see a video overview for this system at:
Best Blogging Software - Best Weblog Software - Best Blogware

WCMS: The Website Content Management System allows you to choose WHO can contribute articles to your website. This is much more comprehensive than a "blogging system", as it allows multiple pages per article, and multiple contributors per article (with a list of all contributors next to the article), and users can subscribe to articles. You can see an overview for this at:
Best CMS - Best Content Management System - Best Wiki Software

EECS: The Easy E-Commerce System allows you to easily sell stuff right from your website, even digital downloads and recurring payments. You can learn more about this at:
Best eCommerce Software - Best Website Shopping Cart Software

Note About our Services and Systems

We just launched in "Alpha", so these systems are still rough around the edges, but they will be improved and enhanced with time, as well as gaining new features. If you have any questions or suggestions for any of our systems, then please let us know in our forums. We actually LISTEN to what our users want, because these systems are built for YOU, not US.

You can use ALL of our website systems for FREE (free systems are ad supported). So feel free to use them for free, and try them out to see if they're up your alley. If you don't like them, come back in a month and try them again -remember, we're CONSTANTLY building new features, improving old features, fixing bugs, etc, so what they may lack today, they are likely to have sometime soon, especially if you LET US KNOW that it's important to you.

Note for those using the Website Systems:
At this time, we do not have any "good" templates to start from, so you'll download a "basic" template, and have to change / build on the design yourself. The basic template will get you up and running, but it's plain and ugly. If you're a designer, then you'll have no problem editing the design to suit your tastes. If you're not a designer, then you will want to find one who can do the design for your new site.

We WILL be offering templates (hopefully soon), but right now we're very busy refining and improving these systems before they start being HEAVILY used (we just launched the day before yesterday, and we're putting in almost 20 hours per day now ).

Some facts on the Framework API Connection:
These systems run on ANY website, even if you don't have php (if you're using .Net, then you'll have to code the Connection File into .Net). We DO provide a default Connection File for the Framework's API, and it is written in PHP (requires CURL). At this time we do not have or offer a .Net version.

What does this Cost in the end?
The Prices are System Variables, that are subject to change. Most Prices can be seen BEFORE adding a service to your website. For example, if you are adding the Blogging System, you will be asked if you accept the 0.05 Credits Per Day cost. If you are using the systems for Free, then you can IGNORE this question, and just click "Yes". If you are paying for the service, then you will want to consider if you feel like paying 0.05 Credits/Cents per day for the blogging system. In the future we will likely do away with the "Cost Per Day" method, and use other metrics. But, again, you don't have to pay for the systems, so you have the option to ignore the price and use them anyway (that's a good way to test them out to see if you like them).

How do i host this stuff?
For Hosting, you could use a Virtual Dedicated Server, but Shared Hosting should work just as well. I've used GoDaddy for many years now, and i know that you can get a Delux Linux Hosting (shared hosting) account for 8$/month, and even a Virtual Dedicated Server for 30$/month. Their delux shared hosting ($8) has no bandwidth limit. We may soon be offering managed hosting as well.

Can i use multiple systems on the same site?
The systems are all integrated with each other. You can add ALL of them to the same website, if you like. A more accurate way to word this is that they are all independent of each other, meaning that they do not depend on another system, nor do they interfere with other systems, with 1 exception: ALL systems REQUIRE the UAMS (user account system -you've got to have a user to create your content, even if you're the only user).

Can i see some existing websites using these systems?
If you want to get a FEEL for how the design elements of the framework are laid out, here's a List of Websites Using our Systems:
Forums > Community - General Area > Hello World - Introduce Yourself

And Finally, the Special Offer
After creating an account, send us a message in the contact form on the menu, and tell us that you came from Wicked Fire, and we will credit your account 32$Credits. Credits are used to run the systems on your website without advertisements, or, to advertise with in our IPPC Advertising system. If you have any questions, post them in our forums, and NOT the website contact form, so that our answers can help others with the same question.
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ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis ionisis
Further Clarification:

I posted this same offer in 1 other forum, and we've been flooded with emails asking more questions that are ALREADY ANSWERED IN THE 2 MINUTE VIDEO OVERVIEW for the system in question. We are now putting in almost 20 hours per day, and do not have time to respond to 100+ emails, so here are a few places that you can get more information.

- In our main menu, there are 3 important tabs: Systems, Services, Resources

- Each System and Service has a Video Overview, and a list of facts, read them and watch the overview to get a better idea of what the system DOES.

- The Resources tab has a link to our Video Guides. We spent a LOT of time putting together Video Walkthroughs on how to SETUP these systems and USE them. Almost ANY question you could possibly have about a specific system will be in its video walkthrough. If not, then under that same "Resources" tab is a link to our Forums, where you can ask questions whose answer will HELP OTHERS with the SAME QUESTION

- If you feel that it's too much work to watch a video on how to use a system that you can get for free (grumbles), then go to the list of websites that are currently using our framework, and visit them, and look around to see how they feel. The guy that owns those websites sucks at design, so don't judge our systems by THEIR designs - evaluate the SYSTEM, not the website's design.

Remember, we're not a "design" or "template" company (and we're not a marketing company either): we're a Website Systems Software company (hardcore developers ONLY; no management, no salesmen, no marketing team, no designers, just developers). Normally it's BYOD, but we're trying to provide some default templates to get you started faster. This will come when we get the free time. Until then: BYOD. (you can get a template or designer from freelancer.com or elancer.com for dirt cheap).

Also, IPPC is NOT a website system: it's our own PPC/CPC Content Network that runs on the ionisis framework.

Any questions not addressed in the resources mentioned above should go in our forums, AGAIN, so that our answers can help OTHERS with the same questions.
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